Three Wheel Battery Powered Floor Cleaning Dust Cart

Three wheel dust cart, battery powered floor mopping machine for floor cleaning

HW-DC3102 Ride on Floor Dust Cart is mainly designed for the daily maintenance of hard floor in large shopping malls, the station waiting hall, train platform, passengers, airport terminal building, subway station channel and other public places , but also can be used as dust cleaner in a large electronic factory, assembly plant for large area ground. This machine is the combination of the traditional mop and electric vehicle, replacing the manual push, greatly reducing the labour intensity, only equipped with one with this machine, can finish the ten workers’ job with the traditional push mop ,which is really high efficiency, labour saving and money saving.


Three Wheel Ride On Electric Dust Cart

Three Wheel Ride On Electric Dust Cart, Electric Mopping Machine


Main Parameters of HW-DC3102 Three Wheel Battery Powered Floor Cleaning Dust Cart:

Mop Width90cm
Ground Clearance8cm
Recharge Mileage50km
Max Load220kg
Max Speed10km/h; mini 2km/h
Max Climbing Ability35 degree
Turning Radius1500mm
Plus Pressure30kg
Tyre Size10″
Total Weight80kg
Battery Model20Ah*4
Motor Power500W
Packing Size170cm*68cm*76cm
ColorRed, light blue, sapphire blue, yellow, grey, orange



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