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HW-1900 Multifunctional Diesel Road Sweeper

Diesel road sweeper with high quality and multifunctional performance for city road,  footwalk, bicycle lane, pedestrian street, plaza, park, greenbelt and park lot, especially suit narrow and winding road.

HW-1900 Multifunctional Diesel Road Sweeper


HW-1900 Multifunctional Diesel Street Sweeper is widely used for city roads, footwalk, bicycle lane, Pedestrian Street, plaza, park, greenbelt and park lot, especially suit narrow and winding road.


  1. Compact chaining, can work in extremely in narrow roads and space easily.
  2. 28Hp and 4-wheel drive, make sure the traction and propelling effort.
  3. Change parts quickly within 4 minutes, simple operation.
  4. Light weight, can not leave indentation after working.
  5. Complete hydraulic power transmission, all of action can be operated in the cab.
  6. Equipped with air condition, roomy and comfortable.
  7. Complete hydraulic turning mechanism, stepless speed change.
  8. Sweeping manner: the two brushes are in the front of vehicle, the suction port is in the middle, so that the brushes can sweep garbage to suction port successfully.
  9. Suction manner: it adopts filtrating of circular exhausting air, when the air from blower is filtrated by dry filter system, then it will return to suction port for reverse blowing usage, high efficiency, environmental protection and low re-pollution.




Technical Parameter of HW-1900 Multifunctional Road Sweeper

NO. Item Name Parameters
1  Engine Brand Perkins 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine
2  Engine Power /rotation 21KW (28HP) / 3400rmp
3 Max. driving speed 20km/h
4 Max. working speed 12km/h
5 Sweeping width (+side brush) 1.2 (2) m
6 Brush diameter 600mm
7 Inhalation diameter 40mm
8 Climbing slope 20%
9 Discharging height 1160mm
10 Cleaning efficiency 14400-24000 m2/h
11 Water tank capacity 120L
12 Dustbin capacity 500L
13 Mini. Ground clearance 103mm
14 wheel-base 880mm (front)+880mm (back)
15 Wheelbase 1060mm
16 Oil tank capacity 25L
17 Mini. turning radius 1900mm
18  Net weight 795KG
19 Fuel consumption 3.2L/H
20 Length/Diameter of Extension Tube 5m/0.15m
21 Dimension (L*W*H) (without brushes) 2900*1200*2100mm
22 Dimension (L*W*H) (with brushes) 3400*2000*2100mm
23 Working noise 70dB



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